These are essays of note from my blog.

This essay describes the choice in legal arguments offered to the court.

This is the first essay I posted to my blog.  It describes the diagnostic symptoms of an attachment-based model of “parental alienation” (AB-PA)

This essay discusses multiple ethical code violations in forensic psychology.

This essay describes the three levels of AB-PA; family systems, personality disorder, attachment.

This essay is in response to parents asking me to explain why the child is doing the things they are.

This is an essay about the core of the pathology, the inability of the allied parent to process sadness, grief, and loss.

This is an essay discussion the violation of Standard 3.04 of the APA ethics code, Avoiding Harm.  Psychologists are not allowed to hurt anyone.  Anyone.  That includes targeted parents.

Limiting or restricting a parent’s time and involvement with their child to anything less that the most time and involvement possible harms that parent, and harms the child.  That is in violation of Standard 3.04 Avoiding Harm.  Psychologists are not allowed to hurt people.  Targeted parents are people.  They count.  Psychologists aer not allowed to do anything to harm the targeted parent – or allied parent – or child.

A treatment focused orientation rather than a custody orientation can meet Standard 3.04a

This is an essay discussing the narcissistic symptoms displayed by the child, the “psychological fingerprint” evidence of the child’s control by a narcissistic parent.

This is the second essay posted to my blog.  It describers the need for a paradigm shift away from Gardner’s model of PAS back to the application of established knowledge of professional psychology.

The Solution Blogs

These describe the path to a solution through AB-PA

I have asked many times over years that the Gardnerian “experts” describe their path to a solution using their failed PAS diagnostic model from the 1980s and Gardner.  Silence.  They refuse to describe a path to a solution because they have NO path to a solution.  They know it, I know it, only the parents who they guide into family destruction don’t know it.

If you are a mental health professional and have something you want to add to the discussion, tell us your proposed solution first.  If you have no solution, you are not relevant to a professional-level discussion.

There Is No Such Thing as “Reunification Therapy”

There is no such thing as “reunification therapy” – anyone who says they do “reunification therapy” is a snake-oil salesman.  There is no such thing as “reunification therapy.”

This is an essay discussion the two allies of the pathogen, the enacting allies and the enabling allies.  Beware the fox and cat Pinocchio.

This is an essay on the lack of response from the American Psychological Association to the rampant and unchecked ethical code violations throughout forensic psychology.

This is an essay providing my consultation to parents.  You must join together and fight for each other and each other’s children.  To solve this for any one family, we must solve it for all families.

This is a type of interview technique.  All parent-child conflict events should receive a behavior-chain interview to identity the “cue structure” for the behavior.  Accepting global statements by children WITHOUT doing a behavior-chain interview with the involved participants is unacceptable professional practice – below professional standards of practice.