These are selected essays related to the Assessment & Diagnosis of AB-PA.

Essays Book: Diagnostic Indicators (Chapter 4)

This is a description of the Diagnostic Indicators of AB-PA.  It is Chapter 4 from my book Essays: The Internet Writings of Dr. Childress and this essay can also be found on my blog (Diagnostic Indicators & Associated Clinical Signs).

Treatment Focused Assessment Protocol (Childress, 2016)

This is a description of the recommended treatment-focused assessment protocol.

Recommended Assessment Protocol Statement (Childress, 2016)

This is a  another description of the recommended treatment focused assessment protocol.

Diagnostic Indicators and Associated Clinical Signs

This is Chapter 4 from the book Essays: The Internet Writings of Dr. Childress describing clinical psychology features of the three Diagnostic Indicators and the 12 Associated Clinical Signs..  It originally appeared as a blog post in 2015.

Diagram of AB-PA Pathology (Childress, 2016)

This is a diagram of the AB-PA pathology, with the personality pathology represented in the middle and the attachemnt pathology on the sides.

DSM-5 Diagnosis of “Parental Alienation” Processes (Childress, 2013)

This is a full description of the DSM-5 diagnosis from 2013.  I’ve been saying the same thing for over five years.  From the moment the DSM-5 came out, I identified the diagnosis for the pathology.

Shared Psychotic Disorder: American Psychiatric Association (2020)

This is a handout of the relevant information from the American Psychiatric Association description of a Shared Psychotic Disorder (shared delusions)

Adjustment Disorder Diagnosis (Childress, 2012)

This is an early discussion of the Adjustment Disorder Diagnosis.

Checklist of Child Personality Disorder Symptoms (Childress, 2011)

This is a checklist of the various possible personality disorder symptoms of the parent that are displayed in the child’s symptom display.