This area contains information about the online tele-health consultation practice of Dr. Childress.

Dr. Childress is available in cyberspace for the following:

  • Therapy and consultation with California residents (state of licensure).
  • Limited-scope (2 sessions) consultation with out of state and international residents (no consultation with Oregon residents or attorneys pending appeal of Oregon licensing board sanctions).
  • Professional-to-professional consultation with mental health professionals and attorneys.

Dr. Childress has public consultations the first week of the month at his online office: Scheduling is through the online Scheduling Calender:

Information about

To Request an Appointment:

Please read the information handouts below for more information about online consultation and therapy with Dr. Childress.

To request an appointment with Dr. Childress at his Cyberspace Office (, send an email requesting an online appointment to:

Limitations & Restrictions

California Residents: 

Dr. Childress is only licensed as a psychologist in California and so can only conduct therapy from his Cyberspace Office for residents in the state of California.

Residents Outside of California:

Dr. Childress is currently restricted from provided extended psychological consultation or psychotherapy to residents outside of California.  However, Dr. Childress is permitted to provide a limited-scope initial consultation in his areas of professional practice specialization to help orient the client to information from professional psychology, pathology, and its treatment to assist with developing options for solutions.

Dr. Childress will limit his initial consultation with residents outside of California to two sessions for the purpose of developing an understanding for the nature of the client’s situation and request, and to assist the client in developing directions for solutions.

Currently by order of the Oregon licensing board by sanctions applied, I am not allowed to provide any consultation to Oregon residents (not even once) or Oregon attorneys. The matter is under appeal. Until greater clarity is achieved, I cannot provide consultation to any resident of Oregon or any attorney in Oregon.

International Residents

There are no international governing regulatory agencies for Internet-mediated professional practice.  However, Dr. Childress seeks to respect the rights of jurisdictions relative to their residents.  Dr. Childress is currently registering with the National Register to assist in comparability of licensure across jurisdictions and is seeking additional consultation regarding international practice in cyberspace.

Until such time as expanded professional practice is indicated, Dr. Childress will restrict international practice to the same 2-session initial consultation restriction applied to residents of other states in the U.S.

Professional-to-Professional Consultation

There are no restrictions on the degree and extent of professional-to-professional consultation that Dr. Childress can provide to another mental health professional, either directly in-session (with a client’s permission) or separately, or professional consultation with an attorney and client regarding their legal matter.

Handouts Describing Telepsychology

These are handouts that regarding online consultation and therapy with Dr. Childress:

  • Telepsychology Clients of Dr. Childress: California Residents
  • Telepsychology Clients of Dr. Childress: Outside of California
  • Telepsychology Online Professional-to-Professional Consultation

Forms for Online Clients of Dr. Childress

Professional Background in Internet Psychology

Dr. Childress has professional background in Internet psychology, including the ethical issues in online interventions and research.  Among this professional background are presentations to:

World Health Organization, 2nd International Symposium on Psychiatry and Internet: Information – Support – Therapy.  Invited presentation on Ethical Issues in Online Psychotherapeutic Interventions.  4/2002, Munich, Germany.

American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Office of Protection from Research Risks, Conference on the Ethical and Legal Aspects of Human Subjects Research in Cyberspace. Invited paper presentation on Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Internet Research. 6/1999, June. Washington, D.C.

American Psychological Association Convention, Symposium on Using the Internet for Change: Online Psychotherapy and Education. J. Grohol (Chair):  The Potential Risks and Benefits of Online Therapeutic Interventions. 8/1998; San Francisco, California.

Peer-Reviewed Publications on Internet Psychology & Online Practice:

Seminars Taken

PESI: A Complete Guide to Ethical & Legal Technology Challenges for Mental Health Professionals (1/20/20)