These are the recommended documentation instruments for an assessment of AB-PA:

Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting

This instrument documents the child’s symptoms in three areas, 1) Attachment Bonding Suppression, 2) Narcissistic Personality Traits, and 3) a Persecutory Delusion.

Parenting Practices Rating Scale

This instrument documents the parenting practices of the targeted parent as either abuse-range or normal-range.

IPV Spousal Abuse (Duluth Model) & Child Custody

This instrument collects information on areas of IPV spousal abuse concern identified by the Duluth model for IPV (Intimate Partner Violence; “domestic violence).

The Parent-Child Relationship Rating Scale

This instrument is an outcome measure collected-reported daily for the child across three primary areas of functioning, 1) Affection (Aff; attachment networks), Cooperation (Co; emotional regulation), and Social Involvement (SI; arousal and mood).